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Welcome back. Your services were missed.

Although... Rabbit-chan ultimate collection...? WTH?
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:: points at the torrent links:: They scare me. The collector/packrat in me wants to download all of them. 10 GB of Spider Man comics, 12+ GB of Superman, 12 GB of Batman, 35 GB of X-men, and 6 GB of Fantastic Four.

Someone talk some sense into me. Quite honestly, I'll never read any of it (although, I'll be passing the Batman comics onto Lily, probably), so there's no reason for me to snag any of the other stuff other than to a) say I have it, and provide it to friends when they're looking for it, and b) provide yet one more (abet, 'hidden' - that is, hidden from public view) copy for global archival purposes.

Ok, b is pretty much just BS. Shhh.

You know what would be absolutely awesome? If Google has a very large set of storage systems somewhere in some mountain, downloading and storing all sorts of media, regardless of copyright. Eventually, when we all die out, the information will be found by some aliens, and they will understand and (hopefully) decide to resurrect us.
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Invites will no longer be given out.

There will be no exceptions, unless you're a friend I see everyday.

Why? A new rule has been put into place today, 8/18/2006.
Since we catch so many people trying to cheat their ratio every day (every single one gets banned, without exception), we will now be taking firmer action against the inviter. If you invite someone who tries to cheat their share ratio, you will lose any invites you have left and the ability to receive more.

Don't ask. You won't get an invite from me. I'm sorry.

Oh, and don't bother commenting. I've disabled e-mails for this comment, and I never check my previously posted entries for new comments. And don't comment on another entry. I will ignore you.

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