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I'm looking for a MacOS X app from... long ago. It let you draw all over the screen with your mouse, and leave, essentially, little notes or snippets of text that could be set to float above all other windows and stuff. Or just float above your desktop.

Found it. I think. Looks different than what I remembered, but, eh... it's called the "Ultimate Pen": http://www.snowmintcs.com/products/ultimatepenmac/

Wait... no, the one I used to have is called Desktastic: http://www.panic.com/desktastic/

Yep, that's the one. Although Ultimate Pen isn't too bad either...

Yep, definitely Desktastic. Still had a random list of binary from a while back. Eh, but Ultimate Pen is better, I think. Desktastic keeps me from reaching the desktop while it's open (I think..), has limited colors, and doesn't seem to support pen pressure all that well...

[keywords for google searches... Float, desktop, draw, sketch, macosx]
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Working on (or rather, am calling it "done" for now) a valentine's day err... image for Senpai. And I have come to the following conclusions:

1) Drawing with a tablet is fun. But somewhat harder than drawing on paper. But there's some spiffy controls on a tablet+photoshop that you just don't get on paper.
2) I need to work on being able to imagine details. Right now... it's just a foggy.. mental idea of what I want. And so I draw it, and then erase as I find ratio/size issues.
3) I love the ability to configure the wacom tablet driver so that only a certain portion of the tablet responds, and it only matches a portion of the screen (notably, where I want to draw).
4) Coloring is hard. Yipes. I'm doing the equivalent to watercolor-ring, right now... sketching in shaky grey ("pencil") lines, and then adding color and smudging to get the mix I want.

I need to look at other people's works and.. I dunno. The other thing is that I was drawing a cat. In a basket. Which I don't usually draw. Or rather, have never drawn on paper, so I didn't really know how to place the paws. Or how big the stupid basket should be. As it is, it's too big right now ^^;; and the cat looks awkward. And rather... childish =^^=;; Like a grade schooler took crayons and drew stuff. 'cept it wouldn't take a grade schooler 'bout 2 hours.

I want to know how people color up to the lines in photoshop. Need to see if most people just use fill? I dunno. The other thing is, I'm separating color and sketch lines, so I can mess around with color and be less precise, and not worry too much about erasing my original outlines. I guess I could also draw, then erase up to the lines...

Heheh, assuming Senpai doesn't read my journal here~ at least, I know she hasn't logged in again ^^;;

Phoo, I want a hug from her. And maybe a valentine's day present. Most likely not happening though. Oh well.

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