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Wii SNES9X prompted me to download an update today. That was nifty. I love it when apps do this, especially ones where updating manually would be a hassle. Props to the developers.


So uh. I'm supposed to have Limited Basic and Economy Internet (1.5 Mbps down, 300 Kbps up).

But I apparently have Expanded Basic, which gives me all the nifty things like Cartoon Network (which I don't watch), Sci-Fi (whee!), TNT (Movies, whee!), and Discovery/Learning Channel (How It's Made! MWAHAHA!).

All for $24.95. With the possibility of $200 in rebates coming back, although I don't care all that much about the rebates. Someone needs to remind me to bring the guy that set me up with this deal a box of chocolates...
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By way of a slashdot post, there's an interesting thought-blurb on Comcast's BitTorrent filtering: http://www.cnet.com/8301-13739_1-9769645-46.html

Essentially, Comcast detects that BitTorrent's in use, and sends RST packets (messages that essentially states, "please terminate the connection") impersonating the BitTorrent user.

However, it's illegal to impersonate others... so.... hopefully someone will drag them to court. Preferably in Maryland or in Illinois. If the laws exist here.
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Drat. Comcast has blocked their inbound port 25. XP

I need it open so I can confirm with CACert.org that I own a subdomain. Marf. Oh well, maybe I'll try with another server I have root access too. Rather inconvenient. ::makes a face::

Wish CACert.org provided alternate ways of verification. Like the Google Domain verification of putting a specific string of text onto the domain.

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