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Biked around in the mornings to assorted garage sales - picked up a fog machine with fog juice for $10.

Then later in the day, I biked to Goodwill, then Walmart / Target / Daiso, then kept going, passing Mountain View and then reaching a Lucky's supermarket on 715 El Camino at which point I thought I reached Sunnyvale (and somehow missed Hankook - the plan was to see how long it would take to bike to my local asian supermarket (like, it can match Safeway in size).)

Looking at google maps though, I was only about halfway between Mountain View and Sunnyvale. :( And said asian supermarket was a good distance away (Lawrence Caltrain station is the closest)

Total: over 16 miles.

Biked to the local Costco and ate samples for a late lunch. :) Yay for getting in without a membership pass. About 4.4 miles one way, 9 miles total.

Also, prices at Costco are higher than Safeway sales. WTF?

On the way back, I hit Safeway on Middlefield and picked up 88¢/lb grapes (w00t!), one avocado (67¢/each), a lime, and a lemon. (The latter two are supposed to be for the water container I'll eventually acquire.)
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Seems like most of my friends have suddenly:
a) started working out.
b) been more vocal about it.
(Of the people I can think of... My roommate, a classmate that I met freshman year and have been good friends since... both are geeks. And most of the girls I know (Sis, Amy, Katie) all work out.)

So I've done a bit of research. Found this: http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=601323, and then... the best resource so far:

The Hacker's Diet

..and found it acceptable. 15 minutes on top of my daily biking to and from classes and weekly/biweekly trips off-campus would definitely be acceptable. So I think I'll be following that instead. I don't want to have to go to the gym. Rather, I'd prefer to avoid the gym - going would involve having to find exercise clothing, and preferably someone to exercise with. Which isn't a bad thing, but... meh. Or I could go alone, but I wouldn't know what to do. Weights? Who? What? And I'd have to see people. And let people see me. Mmmm, self-image issues present, yep yep.

rambling bit of stuff... )

So, questions to people:
Would canned fruits be an acceptable replacement for fresh fruits, 'cause I'm uh... lazy and would rather just eat a can (or fish slices of peaches out of a jar) than have to cut up fresh fruit?

And.. question to everyone: If you work out, what do you do? Or, what does your exercise regime involve?

[edit] need a cheap scale. Got suggestions?
(meeeeep, scales are expensive. My $40 gift card for best buy won't cover their scales. Buggers~ I know sharper image sells scales too (and I've got a gift card for them as well, but... no local stores.))

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