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So apparently Las Pegasus Unicon (a brony convention held in Las Vegas) somehow crashed and burned. From what I can make of things, the organizers didn't budget well and/or got shafted by hotel and other things, resulting in the convention getting cut short, assorted folks being unable to get flights out (what.), people's hotel rooms being charged extra (I guess they booked at con rates, but then when the con management couldn't pay the hotel, it reverted to normal rates? I don't know what's going on here...), official special guest attendees and such not getting paid. Etc. It's a mess.

But not only has the community rallied around to help raise money for people that got hit by unexpected expenses, writers from the show (M.A. Larson and Meghan McCarthy) as well as the major trading card company Enterplay have stepped in to help. The former have set up auctions and the latter has donated a ton of cards (rare collectables and such) towards the charity (http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/02/enterplay-adds-full-set-of-cards-to.html).

I know it doesn't _really_ cost these people anything to do this, but the fact that they bothered... o.O

Date: 2013-03-01 09:40 am (UTC)
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Does all sound like quite a rum affair. *sigh* A pity, as the con itself sounded like fun - one friend was working a themed bar there, with everyone in formal attire (not my bag =:), and had a great, if exhausting, time.

I imagine more actual information may come out later on, once the dust has settled. From what bits and pieces I've heard scattered around, it's sounding like the organisers didn't have much experience running a con, and the manifold delights thereof - but, speculation's fairly unnecessary.

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