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hatticusqfinch just IMmed me with the message "i say, old bean, have you seen my hat?"

Apparently, it's a bot that finds AIM sn's posted on livejournal. And then IM's both users with that message. And then transmits the messages from one user to the other. And apparently it picks users by recent livejournal posts?

Rather amusing, actually.

Now, it'd be even cooler if the bot checked for various words, and wrote out other messages based on the presence of words. Or replaced words with other words. And even cooler, would be if it was to solve a puzzle... and the two people had to work together somehow. (pissing people off would just be lame.)

More information on the bot can be found here:
and also here:
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Ok, trimmed my buddy list - if you haven't been online for 25+ days, you've been removed. I'm assuming your screen name is no longer in use. Or, if for some odd reason, my client doesn't have information logged for you, and I don't remember your screenname and your screen name doesn't have an alias attached to it, you're gone.

This probably doesn't affect anyone who's reading this. But whatever.

(Oh, there's an exception to the 25+ days thing: 'lissy and Anika. >.>)

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