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It's very nice how there's to-do lists and notes in Mail now.

And while I can drag events into my to-do list, they don't sync there either...

And trying to change the alarm for a to-do item in Mail makes the alarm editing box fucking suddenly vanish. Like, as soon as you press a key. And changes don't always stick, with leads to some spazzing confusion on my part. Like.. "GAAH, STOP VANISHING!!!!!"

And I'd like to be able to see the actual alarm time.

And iCal no longer has the roll-out side info bar. Now it's... ... you have to double click the event in order to get event information. Then I have to click an edit button to MAKE CHANGES. Sure, it's prettier, but WHY, Apple, WHY? Why can't I have a permanent, floating "Event inspector" or something like that? It takes about 15 seconds extra, per event I have to edit.


Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:58 am
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Ok, Leopard is shiny.

So far, that appears to be all. I suspect Spaces and Time Machine might be useful later, but... eh. Here be list:
(+) Shiny.
(-) Let me delete my goddamn Documents folder. You're not using it. Trust me. I had to use root to do that. Grrrr, I like it better when my computer does what I want it to do.
(-) Yes, I know I downloaded that disk image. Yes, I intend to run the program. Don't bug me about it. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE VISTA.
(-) Yeah, ok, don't have control over the default folders in my home directory. Not happy about that. I mean, I could drag and drop stuff into them. Argh, yeah. It's nice to protect stupid users from themselves, but I really don't see a reason why those folders have to be locked down like this. Am I missing something somewhere?*
(++) OMG, they got variable grid spacing back in the Finder! Oh, how I've missed you~
(-) Damnit, the nice eyecandy popup listing for folders in the dock is one-level down only. Uhm, to rephrase that, I can't explore folders inside that folder. Which is slightly annoying. And it takes up much more desktop space.
(-) Safari's RSS reader doesn't highlight in orange anymore... why, Apple, why? Now it's harder to skim, 'cause the highlighted-blue-entry-background blends in with stuff...
(-) Finder: If I hide all of the "Search for" options for the Sidebar, hide the stupid "Search for" dropdown menu. Don't take up my personal space.

*Ah, so that's the bit - there's a "+" at the end of the usual "drwxr-xr-x". I wonder how I can toggle that on or off... Any attempt to modify/delete one of these files or folders nets you a "xyz" can't be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OS X error.

[edit 2] Hrum, appears to be some sort of unix ACL (Access control list) thing.

Ah, yes, a "ls -le" shows the ACLs. There we go. Using "chmod -N *" in your home folder will trash the ACLs for all the folders and files in your home folder. Note: I bear no responsibility for any broken systems.

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