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...which led to the amusing comment of:
"Only the ipod can do advanced integration that is seamless from the car to the home to the bedroom. (even the wife if you buy a iGazim attachment)
WHAT THE... seamless integration with the wife?... Just what exactly is an iGazim attachment and would one have to take his daughter to the doctor if she asks about getting one..."

which led to discovering that there's now a Boditalk (http://liberatorshapes.com/products_toys_ohmibod_boditalk.php [NWS]) - apparently cellphone signals trigger it, and so it'll keep vibrating while you're on a call... ::ponders the evils of a locking chastity belt in combination with the boditalk, and sending the victim out shopping...::

And the original slashdot post led to the announcement here, where the threads are also quite worth reading - both the Ogg, not OGG/ vicious cycle continues.. and:
mini disk player!!??? ha! u have got 2 b kiddin me.

i would rather use a pair of headphones plugged into a turd than use a minidisk player.

ANYTHING on teh market is better than a minidisk "playa"
#3.1.1 lofi on 2007-09-16 22:55 (Reply)
Please let us know about the availability of your iTurd.
# Ted Mielczarek on 2007-09-17 10:02 (Reply)
iTurd has to be formatted with iWipe after every use.
# MarkToronto on 2007-09-17 10:39 (Reply)
My iTurd got infected with the iCorn virus
# Anonymous on 2007-09-17 12:54 (Reply)
That's odd...these iTurds have been getting all sorts of problems lately. Mine recently turned into an iRiver
# Anonymous on 2007-09-17 13:02 (Reply)
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By way of slashdot:

An anonymous reader writes "It seems that the most recent DVDs released by Sony — specifically Stranger Than Fiction, Casino Royale, and The Pursuit of Happyness — have some kind of 'feature' that makes them unplayable on many DVD players. This doesn't appear to be covered by the major media yet, but this link to a discussion over at Amazon gives a flavor of the problems people are experiencing. A blogger called Sony and was told the problem is with the new copy protection scheme, and they do not intend to fix it. Sony says it's up to the manufacturers to update their hardware."


Unrelated to the issue, but an amusing quote none-the-less:
Yes, well, in the U.S. at least we'll probably have to wait until we can get in that new President and Congress we ordered. The current ones are malfunctioning and in need of replacement.
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Oooh, big can of worms.

It's interesting. There's only been one or two counter-arguments... (which is to say, relatively close to none.)

Most comments can be summed up by the stuff in the wikipedia article:
Criticism of Microsoft: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Microsoft

Yes, there's actually a wikipedia article criticizing Microsoft.

But in short, "Bad business practices" and "Shoddy software" have been the most common complaints. There's also several "We hate Microsoft, 'cause we spend so much time clean up after users due to Microsoft crap." I understand those complaints~ =^^=
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ari1981 writes "I recently graduated from school with a CS degree, and several of my classes were very theoretical in nature. There was some programming, but it seems not as much as in other schools. I'm currently working at a company where I'm doing primarily c/c++ app development on unix. But as I read slashdot, and other tech sites / articles, and realize for some of the software being written nowadays, I would have absolutely NO IDEA how to even begin writing it. ...archived original post, and some noteworthy comments. )

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