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I picked up a "bonus" $25 recharge card when I bought a quadband phone for my dad from T-mobile (All together, it was about $50. Factoring in the $25 refill card, and the original $10 activation minutes, the phone itself costed $15. Which is _very_ good, considering how it was quad band and had bluetooth and just about everything except for a camera.)

But I digress. We're not going to use that phone much, so I decided to use the $25 recharge card on my own phone. T-mobile's system is odd: Apparently, the cost per minute is calculated based on last recharged amount. So when I recharged with the $25 card, my cost per minute rose from 10 cents per minute to 14 cents per minute. And a quick check revealed approx. 250 minutes = $30. Then I added $100 to my phone, making it drop back down to 10 cents per minute. So now I've got $130 = 1300 minutes.

Lesson of the story here? If you use T-mobile to-go, and you happen to have random recharge cards on hand, do those first, then recharge with $100 to get the best cost per minute deal.
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Took me, oh, 5-7 hours of searching, button mashing, and amused playing around.

In the end, it turned out, I had to:
1) Insert a SIM card from Taiwan. Saw "Wrong card" on the screen.
2) Enter *PINLOCK*NET*00000000*00000000# (translates to *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#). You have now enabled the Network lock using the password '00000000'. The breakdown of the command is essentially
* = enable
PINLOCK = the locking options
* = seperator
NET = What we're locking/unlocking]
* = seperator
00000000 = password. Must be 8 characters long? I don't know.
* = seperator
00000000 = confirm password
# = End of command
3) Enter #PINLOCK*NET*00000000#. Or #7465625*638*00000000#. # at the start stands for disable.
4) Now use *#PINLOCK# (*#7465625#) to open the "Interrogate" menu. Network lock should show "inactive".
If there's any other locks active, use the list on my previous post to set them to inactive. [http://ibneko.livejournal.com/598193.html#cutid2]

I want to say this might work for most Samsung phones. Without more phones, it's hard to say. Heh, yes, I could go around and test it on phones in the stores. Hmmm. May be a good way to get myself kicked out.

Now I want some way to load non-T-mobile branded firmware. I really dislike that t-zones soft-button. And there's no way to quickly get to my recent calls. :P

More t319 codes... )
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Source: http://www.howardforums.com/archive/topic/1069013-1.html
Corrections source here: http://www.gsmhosting.com/vbb/archive/index.php/t-311875.html

1) Get into the "Test mode" menu: *#8999*8378# (the source had it wrong. See bottom second source)
2) [2] for H/W Test
3) [2] for Audio Settings
4) [1] for Rx Path (recieve path - I guess, anything to the User.)
5) [9] for Melody gain
6) [1] for Normal
7) Use [c] and the number to set "Vol. 1" to 0 (default:10). [OK] or [...Save] to continue.
8) Same thing; Set "Vol. 2" to 0 (default:14)
9) Same thing; Set "Vol. 3" to 0 (default:19)
10) Same thing; Set "Vol. 4" to 0 (default:24) - This is the important one. The camera shutter is set on this volume.
11) If desired, you can set "Vol. 5" to 0 as well. ::shrugs:: (default:30)

My settings will be (0, 10, 20, 0, 31). 31 is the max: volume is modded (%) by 32, so 32=0.

Next modification:
Turning off the goddamned startup/turn on sound...

For the record, here's the menu breakdown and default (I think. Some may be different since I've already played with the normal user accessable settings) values for the t319, t-mobile to go phone: ("|" = new line)
Default values )

Apparently the shutter-sound requirement is due to privacy law: "Anyway, this is an easy way to stick it to the lame-o nanny state European/Asian countries that ruined it for us all with their over-reaching "privacy" laws that mandated the shutter click." - source 1.

Power on/off sound options are there in the normal user menu. Doh. ^^;;

codes: (source: http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum/archive/index.php/t-25686.html, it's for another phone, but it works for this one too.)
*#7465625# = Check Locks (7465625=pinlock. Prepend with * to enable, # to disable. Code.. apparently has to be read off using a computer. :P Spiffy though.)
*7465625*638*Code# = Enables Network Lock (638=net)
#7465625*638*Code# = Disables Network Lock
*7465625*782*Code# = Enables Subset Lock (782=sub)
#7465625*782*Code# = Disables Subset Lock
More codes.. )
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T-Mobile ToGo! So uh, yeah. Dunno, phone number _should_ be ported over from Nextel in a few hours, so another post (or a modification to this one) should happen sooner or later.

I have a camera phone now. Samsung t319... o.O

[Append: 1-08-2007, 15:44] Yep, old cellphone number transfered over to the new phone. So uh, yeah, flawless upgrade from the evil that is Sprint/Nextel and the rapage of 2-year contracts and $200 early termination fees.

Still have to manually move all the numbers from the old cellphone to the new one. But that can wait a bit.

Mmmm, my Motorola i560 only functions as a GPS device now. Yay? Need to figure out how to connect it to the iBook for GPS Warwalking.

My 'review' of the t-319:
Menu options are much less complex than the i560. However, there are a lot less options. As in, there's no way to configure the software-based keys (the ones whose functions change depending on what you're looking at) next to the arrows. Actually, there's no way to configure what the arrow keys do either. (on the i560, you can set them to do specific menu options from the main screen) And there's no way to turn off the goddamn annoying camera "shutter-click" sound. Why, Samsung, WHY? Now I can't secretly take picture of people. Oh, and volume/silence in general is an issue. There is a silent mode, but that can't be triggered with the volume keys outside - you have to use the menu or hold the # key for about 2 seconds. And silent mode doesn't apply to the camera. :P Lastly, the hang-up key is combined with the power key. So if you hold the hang-up key for a bit too long, the phone shuts down. XP

Other than that, it supports IM (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo), which rocks, as well better support for images and stuff. There's a working calendar that doesn't run on some slow java-based app, which is good. Alarm, calculator, unit conversion, todo list, time. All in all, good, comfortable design; I agree with the 4.5/5 rating on most places.

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