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I made the accident of giving them my phone number. But with every single call I've gotten from them, I've gotten the distinct impression that they're desperately trying to fill jobs - it's disgusting, really. After informing the recruiter that I'm not interested in looking for a job, I still get calls from them, telling me they've found the perfect job for me and wasting my time and money. (And clearly wasting their own time and money. That makes them either stupid or desperate.)

Still, the number of jobs they've pulled up that are "perfect" and "match what I might be looking for" are surprising - if you're someone looking for a job, you may want their aggressiveness on your side.

I just hung up on one, and he called back demanding an apology, stating that "all the work we do for you is free". Hey, Matt, or whatever your name was, did you think that maybe I wasn't interested in you spending your time on me right now? If that thought hasn't occurred to you, maybe you're doing this wrong. Your service is free, you made the choice to work on my case. I'm not forcing you to do this. Maybe you're wasting your time.

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