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So the XBox 360 Pro I ordered from Dell (for $359 - $100 (random coupon) + $20 tax = $280 w/ free shipping), netting me the normal bonus games + End War was out for delivery this morning.

The catch: I was leaving in about an hour (upon waking up and seeing the new status of "out for delivery") before I left for Lake Tahoe and my first company retreat.

UPS got to my apartment by 5:30 when they tried to deliver my new projector (which is awesome for projecting onto the ceiling) and I wasn't there. So I assumed I wouldn't be here for this delivery either... but I wanted to get my xbox before I left for the weekend.

So I found a total of three UPS trucks, all within the span of 40 minutes, finally catching the right truck that carried my new toy.

Note for the future:
My UPS delivery guy is around 500 Cowper at about 10-10:30.
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Was shipping a box. Online calculations said $26, paid $26 and printed a label. Went to store to ship it, but clerk said the box was insufficient and probably wouldn't qualify for claims, should anything happen (it's the original iBook G4 box. A pretty decent one, if you ask me.)

So I let them pack my box into another box. Looks like a 24x18x6. o.O Except the total came down to $54, which I didn't notice until after I stepped out of the store. $10 for "PCTFR 24X18X6", $4.25 "24X18X6 SERV FEE", $36.82 for the actual shipping!?, and $1.6 for "LARGE BUBBLES QTY 2".

.........I dunno. Dear gods I hope I didn't get ripped off. That would be very, VERY annoying. Especially since shipping was quoted to take up to 10 days, and by then, I'll be back in Illinois.

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