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Apparently Microsoft censors MSN Messenger conversations. Yes, the news is old, but it's just hit the Adium blog, and some other news source I was following.

The censored things include (from the adium wiki article):
profile.php? (including ‘?’)
download.php? (including ‘?’)
.scr (source)
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They've learned. =^^= And have posted another news post: http://news.livejournal.com/99515.html

So suspensions have been reversed for those that fall in the following categories:
1. All Fandom journals
2. All fiction journals
3. All journals who that had problems in their profile only
as per news post.

now, hm, personal thoughts on the issue:
I dislike censorship. A lot.

With the recent ALTIC issue, I had flat out refused to remove stuff upon Gordon's request, but when John called (and asked quite politely), I agreed and removed stuff promptly. Why? I'm not too sure. I suppose it might have been because it's not directly his stuff, and I didn't quite draw the connection between him and this then-unknown John person. Plus, I got yelled at. Although that might have been after I refused to remove stuff. Hmm. I don't remember anymore... I ramble. Ok, onto LiveJournal.

...I think LiveJournal was wrong with their instant reflex of removing stuff. Although it's hard to say - we don't know what they were threatened with, if anything. But I approve of their post-chaos reaction - or at least the reactions I've seen - the two news articles so far indicate that they are sorry, and working on fixing things. Of course, I suppose it was a shock to many to discover that yes, there are idiots out there who can censor your stuff, that even LiveJournal isn't immune to being talked into being stupid once in a while.
Remember, a while back, there was a string of hexidecimal numbers? and anyone that waved that number around got censored? Notably there was a bit on digg too, where after articles that contained that number got deleted, people posted article after article, until the entire front page was covered. At that point, digg backed down and said, more or less, "ok, we understand that you guys would rather we go down fighting - we don't remove those articles anymore". Seems history is repeating itself already... a trend?
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In short, if people have not yet heard, LiveJournal went and suspended around 500 journals after a certain group (Warriors for Innocence) reported them.

Panic spread, people were quite upset.

And two days later, we have an apology on the LJ news journal. Along with, what apparently is, the max number of comments: 5003

I'm surprised at the unwillingness for people to start forgiving LJ... the first page of comments are all angry, "Why the fuck did it take so long? You told someone else first! Rawr, rawr, rawr!" and nitpicking at wording in the post. Jeeze, people... They made a mistake, at least they fessed up to it in two days, as opposed to however months it was for Sony to get around to responding to their rootkit issue. Or Apple just not really responding to their hardware problems...

I have more to say (notably on the censorship issue), but it'll have to wait until later, when I get off work.
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I work in an industry that Google may half-destroy, but last week I sympathized with the gobbler of all ad revenue. Google was beaten up in the media for bowing to censorship in China, even though plenty of news organizations sell their wares in countries where they get censored. Meanwhile, the dilemma of censorship turned personal for me. A Chinese publisher expressed interest in my recent book on the World Bank -- provided that certain passages were deleted.
-Washington Post, S. Mallaby
posted Jan 30, 2006, Article Print link

Bloggers discover hole in Google censorship:
Essentially, you just spell your searches incorrectly. Since google spellchecks for you... you get the results you're digging for.
-Article posted on PCPro.co.uk

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