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Today I managed to open up and regrease both front and rear bike axles. This means I've now opened up just about every single part on a bike and repair just about every issue one might run into.

To self:
Front axle uses bearing cages*. Rear axle uses loose bearings**. 9 of them, to be precise.

*bearing cages = ball bearings in a metal donut, pretty much.
**loose bearings = loose ball bearings.

I also replaced my chain. It might be two links too long though - I need to check tomorrow.
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Why is my wall not flat?

Dangit, there's also a corner that's not... entirely a 90º corner either. WTF...
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Lighting-up wire!

And science surplus thingies - cheap, spiffy crap that's gone once it's sold out...

And ShapeLock:
Moldable plastic stuff - soft at 150ºF, hard at room temperature. I see creative uses for this... better than using the glue-gun stuff as a mold (which I've done before - although that's damn harder, due to the stickiness.)
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...'cause I'm out of Safari tabs again. Well, not "out", but... making another one won't be visible.

DIY Cintiq. Spiffiest thing EVARH! Beyond me, though.

Want to try to install my own Subversion Server on HTTP:
(and for better browsing: http://www.viewvc.org/)

Ski Liberty's Learn to Ski for $10: 1/11/07
(thinking of it. No solid plans yet, though... since snow's like, non-existant.
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:: snickers softly::

Although I guess this one doesn't look that bad..

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