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...'cause I'm out of Safari tabs again. Well, not "out", but... making another one won't be visible.

DIY Cintiq. Spiffiest thing EVARH! Beyond me, though.

Want to try to install my own Subversion Server on HTTP:
(and for better browsing: http://www.viewvc.org/)

Ski Liberty's Learn to Ski for $10: 1/11/07
(thinking of it. No solid plans yet, though... since snow's like, non-existant.
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So I went skiing with people again today, to Whisp? Wisp? I dunno... it was in McHenry, Maryland, I think. Decent place, although I preferred Liberty, or whatever it was that I went to.

Mmmm, large herd of newbies. We lost one, but the rest learned quickly enough~ yay! People did the green slopes, then after a while, I wandered off and did a few blue ones. Managed to get through them without falling - these slopes were easier than the ones at Liberty though, either because of the earlier rainfall, or... general less slope-y-ness.

Then I decided to try a black diamond. Hehe. On my way there, there was a blue path, which I took, and somehow managed to flip head over heels, implant my forehead in the snow, and come away with small scratches on my forehead. Hrm. It was a rather inelegant fall, and I'm still not too sure how it happened.

Looked down the black one, and wondered what had gotten into me. XD Watched several people make their way down (haha, look at me, I'm so good, I'm not even moving~) before falling twice halfway down the slope before getting the general idea that I can't do wide S-shaped turns, and instead should let gravity take over and just pull me down. So I made it down the other half of the black diamond without further mishaps, coming to a decent stop at the bottom. Good stuff, but I think I need to perfect the blues first. I'm getting better, rawr. =^.^=v

Erm, and now, I'm going to go shower, and sit in bed with a healing spell.

Today was Tired, but fun. Diago (sp?) is an awesome person. And simpson is a lot more.. mature looking than I expected. And definitely a decent person as well... Ting, if you read this, I still think it's just 'cause you make yourself too easy to pick on =^^= And you react to being picked on, which makes it all the better.

Assorted inside jokes:
Glove Monster.
(fingers up at eyelevel, towards an object).. Squish. Squish, squish, squish.
..some other stuff that I'm not remembering right now.

Have pictures, need to post---
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Went skiing with Ting and her friends and Matt Wise (and... some other guy that I think I ought to know but don't remember the name of.)

....the whole world is swaying right now. Wheee~ balancing over-stimulus.

Anyhow, wasn't too bad. I don't fall on most green slopes, but blue slopes will kill me, due to a combination of going much too fast and not being able to stop, or deciding that I need to stop, and just throwing myself to the snow.

At some point, I almost pulled something falling on a blue slope (Upper Heavenly?)

Mmmm, need food now.

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