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But in a good way.


Eh, not work safe, but in the way that it's clean if you skim and don't actually read. But you may fall out of your chair laughing.

I lost the link to the 10th chapter of Nekkid Quidditch Match. Help? Found: http://evilgoddss.livejournal.com/46125.html

Damnit, archiving the entire thing in my next post.
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An e-mail from Tim Joy, the author of This Means War:

Has been abandoned...

I jest ;)

Seriously, as of 6pm (GMT) on the 10th of December, 2006, This Means War 10 has been completed. Clocking in at 255 pages (not including Mmail signatures) or 71,000 words, this is the longest single chapter I've ever written, and has taken over 2 months to do.

It has close to 200 Mmails, and draws to a close every plot point that the previous chapters had opened.... )

So, yay, it's been completed. Here's to hoping the people doing beta won't take too long.

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