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Here's a one-liner to remove xattr from files in a directory on MacOS X. (Mostly to quickly strip out the annoying quarantine flag set on downloaded files).

for i in $(ls -Rl@ | grep '^ ' | awk '{print $1}' | sort -u); do echo Removing $i ... >&2; find . | xargs xattr -d $i 2>/dev/null ; done

Note the space after the ^ should be typed with control-v, then tab (to insert a proper tab).

Found this over at http://zzamboni.org/brt/2008/05/07/removing-all-extended-attributes-from-a-directory-tree/index.html. Posting it here so I don't lose the stupid thing again.
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I can center-click (third mouse button) on a youtube video, which brings up a "Save FLV to download folder" option. o.O Quite spiffy. Not too sure what I installed to give me that option, but it beats keepvid.

::nudges [livejournal.com profile] porsupah:: Do you have it too? (that is, if you have a mouse with a clickable middle button/third button/whatnot)
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It lets you disable spotlight, indexing, etc.

Apparently my spotlight index was taking up 'bout .5 GB. ::twitch::

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