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Let's see. My last significant post was May 24th, more or less... So starting from the most recent events

So I have my LiveJournal mentor now: [livejournal.com profile] whitaker. I should probably friend him here, although chances are, most of our communication will be done over e-mail. I'm still trying to decide if I want to branch off a new journal for the project.

Copying and pasting from the LiveJournal Summer of Code project idea page:
LiveJournal Style Upload
Create a system to upload a style/theme as a zip file of template files/CSS/images/etc, and then convert/compile that into S2. Support MT/Blogger/Wordpress/Smarty templates? Something that's easy for users to open up (the zip), edit, and re-upload. Involves defining archive format, and implementing server-side code to parse and recompile to native formats.

Which, by the way, if you design layouts ([livejournal.com profile] xella and [livejournal.com profile] selphish, you two come to mind), what would you like to see supported? It's still in the design stages right now - I'm still looking at various styles/themes/layouts and trying to figure out what we'll need to support.

I was originally just thinking it'd only be template files, but my mentor tells me that images may be included... possibly... and hosted "somewhere in lj-land".

More recent stuff, along with plans for the next few days.... )
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Since the summer is starting to run away from me again, and nothing's getting done...

To doaccomplish tomorrow:
-Get room cleaned. It's a mess of old magazines, assorted textbooks, cds, junk, papers, suitcases. And getting work done in this sort of environment tends to be a bit slower.
--Sort out bills. XP Half done today, just need to get the paper side sorted.
-Get computer cleaned up - start burning off DVDs of stuff from the external hard drive, so proper backups can resume.

To accomplish by the end of the week:
-AJAX. Start toying around with it. Make something that'll play with images. Or make images/graphs based on data, or something. Must find out what I can do with it, and what sort of "tool" it is.
-J-Net website. I ought to throw in content and put it up officially.
-Review perl and Java. The latter is for AJAX, but the former.. it's been a while since I've coded anything. Maybe we'll set up something to screenscrape facebook for addresses. I meant to do a cocoa app for that, but never really started.

It'd also be nice to see people.

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