May. 3rd, 2007 12:45 am
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I have finally found a use for the sample Kotex Lightdays pads that somehow made their way to my apartment via snail mail.

With a bit of trimming, they stick nicely onto the Clorox Ready Mop/mop-with-replaceable-pads thing-a-ma-bobber. =^^=v And they seem to do just as good of a job as the actual replacement pads. Plus, due to the adhesive back, they stay on better than the replacement pads.

Now to figure out if feminine products would be cheaper than buying actual replacement pads. Although the oddness of being seen shopping in That Section of assorted stores may overrule desires to save money.

(2 pads will cover the width of the mop. 3-4 might be better, so you cover the entire bottom of the mop. Checking Amazon, a replacement pads (set of 16) costs $7.99+≈$5 S/H... vs. a case of 6x105=630 Pantiliners costs $33.33+?? S/H via Amazon. Hmmm. Roommate would give me weird looks if I got a package of 630 Pantiliners in the mail though..........)

Pantiliners isn't a word?
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I really need to finish registering for classes before it gets too late. -.-;;; Still not too sure what I'm taking though...

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