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Seriously? I collect way too much stuff. >.< My room is filled with junk that I keep because it might be useful some day (as in, lots of rope, wired, small electric parts, small containers, broken pieces of junk), stuff that we paid some very small amount of money for (MacWorld, Wired, books I don't read, souvenirs), stuff that I wish I could sell online for small bits of money (assorted CDs and now some textbooks), clothing (both handmedowns that are taking up room in my closet, and stuff I pick up that has sentimental meaning, but don't fit me anymore).

That's too much stuff.

Oh, and I have a shitload of papers, credit card statements, bills, and past receipts.

And I'm not entirely sure where to start cleaning. I think it's going to need to be the "throwing things out" step first.

Maybe with the clothing that was handed down to me and don't fit anymore.

I also need more light in my room. Clouds, you got somewhere else to be. Shoo, shoo~!


May. 3rd, 2007 12:45 am
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I have finally found a use for the sample Kotex Lightdays pads that somehow made their way to my apartment via snail mail.

With a bit of trimming, they stick nicely onto the Clorox Ready Mop/mop-with-replaceable-pads thing-a-ma-bobber. =^^=v And they seem to do just as good of a job as the actual replacement pads. Plus, due to the adhesive back, they stay on better than the replacement pads.

Now to figure out if feminine products would be cheaper than buying actual replacement pads. Although the oddness of being seen shopping in That Section of assorted stores may overrule desires to save money.

(2 pads will cover the width of the mop. 3-4 might be better, so you cover the entire bottom of the mop. Checking Amazon, a replacement pads (set of 16) costs $7.99+≈$5 S/H... vs. a case of 6x105=630 Pantiliners costs $33.33+?? S/H via Amazon. Hmmm. Roommate would give me weird looks if I got a package of 630 Pantiliners in the mail though..........)

Pantiliners isn't a word?
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Shown Mon. Dec. 18, 2006. [news]

Parts I and II up on torrents everywhere. Hmmm.

Cleaning Compendium. Goes (IMO) overboard with the cleaning, but eh, I'm getting pretty good quality raw scans. I think.

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...instructions for making one. To do. Maybe. Mrrrr.... time and materials...

The recommended Cocoa programming book. To find:

Abusing 0% APR-for-a-year balance transfers to earn money using credit cards. I don't think I can get a big enough card to really do this yet, but apparently my dad's done it before. And so have many other people... Interesting. (Essentially, you use the free "loan" of money from the credit card companies to earn interest at a high interest savings account, like ING Direct or HSBC, and return the borrowed chunk at the end of the year. It nets you around $250-500, depending on how much you put in, and the service fee for doing a balance transfer.)

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