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My new, equally useless away message:

"The world should be infinitely cuter and fuzzier. Really, I think we would all benefit from enhanced cuteness and blatant indulgences of the color pink. And small fuzzy cuddly elephants."

What drugs?
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Armed Donkeys standing by; please press 0 to initiate launch sequence.
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You know, just something to twirl around in.

:: oh, so random =^.-= ::
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I'm amused. No, it's NOT Worksafe. Do not click/read if you're under 18.
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Of the few feelings and desires I have experienced in the past... oh, hour or so, while studying, here's some of them. All have been run past Lily in an attempt to filter out the things that may be wrong for virgin ears. Or eyes.
Erm, so this probably means David, and some of the other UIUC people on Xanga that I'm not too familiar with. Or aren't quite familiar with my usual sort of weirdness. Karen, that doesn't mean you, I guess. I dunno how many people actually read my livejournal anymore, on livejournal........ I believe Sis, Lady, and 'melly don't check it anymore on a daily basis. Or at least they don't post on a daily basis. Or weekly. Ok, I'm rambling....

So, onwards to the good stuff.
• I'm lonely. Need people to bug. I need cuddling. Anyone...? ::even the crickets are silent~ hah.::

• I want to whine to someone. Without worrying about the whining annoying them.

• I want to get a job as a bookstore clerk or something. So I can smile and meet strangers while helping them.

• I wanna see the harry potter movie when it comes out. There's a lack of movie theatres here though... and they're probably all expensive. Will hunt for a pirated version. Am foreseeing getting caught. Le siiiigh~

• ..or shopping. There's another reason to be a girl! So you can go shopping. 'cause, as I said to Lily, "You're not a guy! You don't understand! ..... one really can't try on a wireless card and spin in front of a mirror with the same effect as trying on a cute skirt and going, 'OOOooh, I look good!'" And the other thing is, you can't get electronics in multiple colors, from multiple companies. That's just silly! I would have said that it's more expensive, but on second though... some of those victoria secret brasthings... ^^;;; meep.

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