Grr, S2...

Jun. 13th, 2006 12:35 am
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Well, I remember S2 again.

Unfortunately, that isn't helping me figure out why the stuff that my parseBarContent function returns isn't reaching the calling function.

and I think I might be too tired to debug further.

It boggles the mind, actually. I designed this with the intention that it'd be usable to create any sort of layout, which made it highly complex, but... I think it might be too complex. Sorry [ profile] xella. I don't know if you ever got any other layouts out of it.. ^^;;; somehow I doubt it, since I can't even get stuff to look nice on my own journal. Or even look the slightest... like I want.

Granted, I think there's some div tags getting eaten up along the way... and content isn't being returned except for the right sidebar... nothing coming back from the header, nothing from the footer... And I'm not even sure what ate the left sidebar. It boggles the mind.

I also need to figure out if there's been any other updates to S2. There's some odd quirks to the language here and there - it's an incomplete implementation of perl, but I don't recall what's missing, nor do I have more notes other than:
code )
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You know, at this rate (0 wpm, 0 lpm, 0 thoughts-per-min), the base layer for my layout will never get completely written.

The job's too big. I'm too disorganized.

I have no interest left in it.


I ought to reapply the old one, mess with the code just enough so my journal looks presentable. After all, I look at it every day. Making it look good would probably make it easier to read and generate feelings of happiness. Hah. Maybe. Not.

Yeah, whee, sarcasm. Sleep.override($body); . . . .
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Starting my work on modifying my layout to something more original. Currently aiming for a floating sidebar, like previously done. Although my current focus is on the calendar on the sidebar - I want to be able to move back and forward without going to the "month" page (ie. )

Mmm, and some of the code's broken or icky. Bleh. The code? Yes, I'm using the layer I wrote for xella's layout - not the user layer, but the one underneath.

[edit] "move" rather, not "more"... >.> and it doesn't look like it'll work - there's no way, as far as I know, to access the entry count for a certain day from within the layer.

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