Mar. 28th, 2008 10:23 am
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"Any man can seize and hold my body.

But the heart is something that can't be moved by force. Many have tried, but my heart is yours in concert with my will to love you. This is something you cannot have by force, but is given to you and you alone, willingly."

Awwwww.... (backstory: ...beh, just go read the webcomic. It's not long.)

Side note: the way they speak is a bit... old fashioned and interesting. I'm trying to figure out what it is that causes that impression. I want to say it's the grammar and the way the sentences are structured. (reminds me of shakespeare...) Although the diction may play a hand in the effect.

"In chains, here, with no possibility of escape, is to make a mockery of the notion of requited love!"
and from the previous page, "You depart from me for so long. You fight me. And now you wish I wouldn't leave?" (as opposed to "You leave me alone for so long. You fight me. And now you don't want me to leave?")
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The guy who does XKCD spoke at our school recently. Not surprisingly, the auditorium was packed, and we ended up sitting in the overflow / outside-hallway-with-large-wall-monitors.

Still, it was highly amusing.

The talk can be downloaded here:
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LiveJournal is having a permanent account sale again. Whee.

I still need to fully complete (and maybe kick into beta) my Google summer of code project for LJ. Meep. ::hides:: Ouqi's stuff is keeping me busy between school and other stuff though.

New Vertigo scheme.
Ish pretty. Ish also beta, but eh.


And I love xkcd so much. Make sure you hover over the image for the alt text.


Append: Oh, this is spiffy. I can now 'sponsor' guests, so they can use the university wireless while on campus.
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Yeeeah, it happens, quite a bit. It used to happen more when I just got out of high school (where no one bothered with small talk - at least the people I stuck close to anyways? Or if they did, and I gave a honest and complete answer, it didn't feel awkward and they didn't look at me funny) and didn't fully grasp the concept that people ask "what's up/how've you been?", they don't actually want a paragraph of what's actually happening (which I find silly. Why waste breath on a question when you don't actually want an answer worthwhile listening to?).

Apparently a relatively usual answer is "Not much. You?" or "Pretty good. You?" or.. other stuff. And then they reply in the same fashion. At which point, it's usually (unfortunately) my turn to talk again, and, not being capable of pulling random (interesting) things out of my mind, the typical awkward silence ensues while someone tries to find something to say.

Just what do people usually say after the "I'm pretending to be concerned about you, but I don't care about your answer anyways." inquiry? o.O

(Of course, if people actually gave paragraph long responses to the question, there might be more to talk about, at least pertaining to said paragraph long response. So why doesn't anyone do that? Because it sounds like you're self-centered? Or because It's Just Not Doneā„¢?)

Ah, there's a delightful answer choice to the small-talk question: "Suicidal." :: snickers::

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