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I managed to make a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), pass that onto CACert, and install the certificate onto my server. =^^=v

Mostly, I think it was this table that I was lacking previously:

DN Field



Common Name The fully qualified domain
name for your web server. This must be an exact match.
If you intend to secure the
URL https://www.yourdomain.com, then your CSR's common name must be
Organization The exact legal name of your
organization. Do not abbreviate your organization name.
Organization Unit Section of the organization
City or Locality The city where your organization
is legally located.
Wellesley Hills
State or Province The state or province where
your organization is legally located. Can not be abbreviated.
Country The two-letter ISO abbreviation
for your country.

In other news, I wish I could stay up all night and all day. Not sleeping would be so nice sometimes.
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Dear Windows,

Why don't you have a better regedit. One where you can copy/paste/duplicate keys and stuff. And why is it so damn hard to run things on you, compared to unix, linux, and macos x?



For being a all-in-one package (PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. all in one easy installer), I love you so much. But why won't you let me downgrade Apache to 2.0.59?

Not so annoyed,

Dear Apache 2.0.59

You need to be slightly more userfriendly. Give me something to install yourself in the registry again. And let me modify that Apache monitor thing that.. is stupid, like the XAMPP monitor and only checks to see if the Apache2 service is active. Or something like that.


Story behind this post:
I'm trying to get a SVN server up and running on the Windows box. It's being a pain in the ass, 'cause the mod_dav_svn.so doesn't want to work with Apache 2.2, which comes installed with XAMPP. But the prebuilt Apache 2.0.59 doesn't seem to come with SSL, which might be a problem later. And I don't know/don't really want to try to compile Apache 2.0.59 on Windows. I don't know what I need, or how big of a hassle that might be.

I should probably just use svnserve. Really. That would be so much easier, right? Maybe I'll try to get that working first . . . . .

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