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Windows needs your permission to continue:
"Vista is trying to be shiny. Allow or Deny?"

I think that sums up Vista. (Running Ultimate)

In more words, and a more serious review of the new operating system:
Yes, it is shiny. No, the system I'm running it on only reaches 2.0 compatibility, the limit being the video card. So I don't think I'm seeing the full extent of the shiny-ness.

I've had to restart once, when it froze completely. I've also had to put it to sleep (a 2 minute long process) and wake it up again when the display wouldn't update other than the mouse.

There are a lot of permission questions: While it's good, kinda like proper firewall warning when something's trying to connect outside, I think normal users will start to ignore it after a while. And there's things like stopping updates that really shouldn't require the "Please, sir, may I do such and such?". And dimming the screen so only the permission dialogue is visible? Also unnecessary. Although I understand the reasoning behind it.

The new start menu is.. eh. Prettier, but I think I prefer seeing the entire list of programs, instead of having to scroll in that small space.

On the bright side, there hasn't been anything that I've run into that's really frustrated or annoyed me. So that's several points in Vista's favor. Of course, I'm only using this machine to do normal user stuff: none of the more geeky things, like installing Apache or MySQL... heck, everything on here that I've installed has been a Microsoft product.


Eww. I'm being converted. Dear computer gods, save me~ Crash my Vista box so that I may bask in the crappiness of Windows.
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Hate you so much. Why don't you just work, goddamnit? I can take a mac hard drive, bring it to another mac, plug it in, and it'll boot properly off said second hard drive.

But with windows... argh. What the hell.

Oh, lovely, not only will it not work, it has also decided to tell me I'm not running "geniune" windows. Oh well, there doesn't appear to be too much of a difference between "geniune" crap and crap... as long as it doesn't do stupid things like, shutting down randomly, or not running what I need it to run... then that's fine. Be normal crap for all I care.

https/svn/trac server back up. Hurrah! Required steps: ran all the installers. downloaded xampp, ran the apache service installer. Modified the Apache2 service to point to the proper apache. Rebooted. Discovered I had to uninstall the random IIS service I installed (it ate my 80 and 443 port. Hrumph). Rebooted it again. Tested... it's working!
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Dear Windows,

Why don't you have a better regedit. One where you can copy/paste/duplicate keys and stuff. And why is it so damn hard to run things on you, compared to unix, linux, and macos x?



For being a all-in-one package (PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. all in one easy installer), I love you so much. But why won't you let me downgrade Apache to 2.0.59?

Not so annoyed,

Dear Apache 2.0.59

You need to be slightly more userfriendly. Give me something to install yourself in the registry again. And let me modify that Apache monitor thing that.. is stupid, like the XAMPP monitor and only checks to see if the Apache2 service is active. Or something like that.


Story behind this post:
I'm trying to get a SVN server up and running on the Windows box. It's being a pain in the ass, 'cause the mod_dav_svn.so doesn't want to work with Apache 2.2, which comes installed with XAMPP. But the prebuilt Apache 2.0.59 doesn't seem to come with SSL, which might be a problem later. And I don't know/don't really want to try to compile Apache 2.0.59 on Windows. I don't know what I need, or how big of a hassle that might be.

I should probably just use svnserve. Really. That would be so much easier, right? Maybe I'll try to get that working first . . . . .
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If you haven't applied it yet, DO SO NOW.
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Yeah, so if anyone has any sources (Mmm... there's at least one working demo link that I just grabbed. The rest... I wanna see...)

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