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Windows needs your permission to continue:
"Vista is trying to be shiny. Allow or Deny?"

I think that sums up Vista. (Running Ultimate)

In more words, and a more serious review of the new operating system:
Yes, it is shiny. No, the system I'm running it on only reaches 2.0 compatibility, the limit being the video card. So I don't think I'm seeing the full extent of the shiny-ness.

I've had to restart once, when it froze completely. I've also had to put it to sleep (a 2 minute long process) and wake it up again when the display wouldn't update other than the mouse.

There are a lot of permission questions: While it's good, kinda like proper firewall warning when something's trying to connect outside, I think normal users will start to ignore it after a while. And there's things like stopping updates that really shouldn't require the "Please, sir, may I do such and such?". And dimming the screen so only the permission dialogue is visible? Also unnecessary. Although I understand the reasoning behind it.

The new start menu is.. eh. Prettier, but I think I prefer seeing the entire list of programs, instead of having to scroll in that small space.

On the bright side, there hasn't been anything that I've run into that's really frustrated or annoyed me. So that's several points in Vista's favor. Of course, I'm only using this machine to do normal user stuff: none of the more geeky things, like installing Apache or MySQL... heck, everything on here that I've installed has been a Microsoft product.


Eww. I'm being converted. Dear computer gods, save me~ Crash my Vista box so that I may bask in the crappiness of Windows.
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First the icky stuff with their license and terms of use.

And now... after receiving a free copy (... )) of Windows Vista when they came to do a talk (... )). So, out of curiosity and deep dislike for ECE440, I've decided to insert the CD/DVD to see what the installation looks like. Not actually installing, mind you - Don't have backups of the PC stuff right now and I don't want to have to reinstall apache and svn...

But to my main point: At the "enter product key" bit, it cheerfully states, "Although you are not required to enter your product key now to install, failure to enter it may result in the loss of data, information and programs. You may be required to purchase another edition of Windows Vista."

What The Hell, M$? WTH? Scare tactics are not appreciated. And attempts to cover your arse due to potential issues as a result of incorrect licenses are not appreciated either.


Also, the installation disc is way too shiny and gaudy. Kinda like a fake product that's been dressed up to look better than it actually it.

Oh wait, what am I saying? It's Windows. Windows Vista.
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A rather negative article on Vista. To sum it up: It's pretty. Pretty useless.

And on love. And how girls now-and-days go for "Quick flings, or hookups". ::sighs::

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