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And I actually look good/decent in it. As in, I don't feel awkward wearing it, nor do I think I look awkward. Hurrah! =^^= ::rather pleased::

For my future reference, my current sizes are:
Shoes: 9.5 male, from Bostonian (yay endless.com!)

Pants: 34x29. Although I think my waist size is more of a 30-32 range, depending on brand. (34 happens to fit in this case, since there's the belt and the shirt that needs to get tucked in and such). Brand is Stafford. Probably one of their easy-fit sort of pants. Also it's relatively waterproof, which is amusing (it was a bit wrinkled, so I sprayed a bit of water on it, but that had no effect whatsoever).

Shirt: 15, 32-33. Stafford again. "Wrinkle Free, Super shirt." Good stuff. Really doesn't wrinkle that much.

Suit: 38R (38 regular?). Again, also from Stafford. "Super Suit."

Also, this is rather useful:
Overstock's sizing chart.
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I have discovered Steve & Barry's [Wikipedia entry], an apparently really low priced clothing store, carrying a decent amount of stuff, all priced around $8-9, some usually at $14-19, from hoodies, thick winter jackets, , windbreakers, to jeans, and semi-casual business wear.

Was biking around up north, and decided to drift past Sam's Club, saw a strange, but large (warehouse sized) store with only the name "Steve & Barry's" without any advertisements outside. The entire building was painted a rather boring white and the only windows at the entrance were tinted. So I parked my bike and wandered in. Saw the 40-50% Fall Liquidation sale signs, sighed, and was going to leave, but.. I saw hoodies on sale, and I needed another hoodie. So... wandered around for about an hour: There's a lot of sportswear / university-wear (surprisingly enough, I saw northwestern, perdue, michigan, etc.. near an UIUC? Very unusual). There were also (very stupid) T-shirts.

Am happy. For once, the guy's section is significantly larger than the girls section for once - we take up the entire middle of the store, plus the right wing. And I actually reached the conclusion that, "Meeep, want more money so I can increase my wardrobe!"

The only thing is, half the time, they didn't carry sizes that fit me. A lot of it was XL, especially the shorts and the only t-shirt that I liked ("Easily Distracted").

So I bought:
1) Pair of carpenter jeans for $7.79 (originally $12.98)
2) A hooded windbreaker for $7.49
3) A thicker wool/polyester jacket for $7.49
4) A thin brown hoodie for $8.99 (was $14.98)
5) A black hoodie that I need to modify* for $8.99 (was $14.98)
Total of $43.90. Tax was $3.15, "savings" was $17.17. I'm pretty sure this is cheap - anyone else who shops frequently want to confirm?

Whee. I think I need to do a quick inventory of my semi-casual business shirts and pants and see if I want to take advantage of the Fall Liquidation sale - Cashier said it should go on until October?

*It says "ARMY" on it. I'm getting rid of that. Somehow.

Hmm, I need to find my black jeans...
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The very useful: How to exit a conversation - http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-to-exit-a-conversation.html
In short, for me, I may be too polite.

An interesting post, "networking like a human, not a computer": http://webworkerdaily.com/2007/08/06/how-to-network-like-a-human-not-a-computer/
In short: Avoid favors-for-a-favor/tit-for-tat/what-can-he-do-for-me sort of mindset.

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