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You and your stupid hidden costs. Like advertising things at $17/mo, but requiring other services. Granted, cable people do it too, but they write $30, and their fine print's usually much larger. Like, "or $40 if you don't purchase other services", as opposed to "must add long distance and normal phone service".

And now, this unexpected early termination fee. Hmm. Except I was offered a 8 month contract (told the lady I was in an apartment, so we would sublease, so she offered the 8 month instead of 12). And I've received 8 bills. I... _might_ be short a few days, but somehow, I think I'm going to argue that 8, instead. 'cause really, that first bill was my "first month of service". Not a full bill, but... it's not a zero month of service either. XP

Can't find a hard copy of the original terms and conditions for the DSL service. Here's to hoping the bastard wasn't online only. Might still be in the apartment. Humbugs.

Will have to call tomorrow and argue though. Because when I canceled, I was told, by two different service agents, that I would only have to pay a few dollars for the few days of service between their monthly cycle and my cancelation date.

Unless their service representatives are idiots. I suppose they can take that route, but if they do, I'll add my voice to the already large number of AT&T customer service complaints online.

fucking grey area. If I had waited a few extra days, it would have been certain that I had gone a full 8 months with their slowass service. Never, EVER using AT&T ever again. Even if they got the iPhone.

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